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Have any seen a ghost?

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

A question I noticed in a post by someone.
I do not believe in Ghosts.
I have seen a ghost.
An odd thing for a disbeliever in such things to say.

But one night staying at "Redcliff" A beautiful old house in Campbeltown that had become a hotel, spending a night there with my friends. The "Housekeeper" was my friend's mother. In the night I needed to pee, I rose to go down the large winding mahogany staircase to the "Staff" toilet.
An elderly lady was already on the stairs. descending slowly, one step at a time. I was moving swiftly but I stopped and indicated that she go down before me (lol- I was always polite)"please" was all I said.

She nodded to me and finished her decent. She walked into the dining room. I proceeded to the toilet. Returning to my bed I thought no more of it until the morning. When I mentioned the old lady, I had seen in the night over breakfast.
My friend's mother was shocked, the housekeeper, we had only been able to stay as there were no bookings for that night. We three boys were the only ones in the hotel.
We may have been the only living boys in the hotel, but we were not the only people there.
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