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He, who is Lost.

I know, the title, "He, who is lost" does not conjure up sunny images nor was it ever meant to for this will not be a "sunny" novel. Rather it is dark and deep, a faerie tale romance and a tragedy.

"He, who is Lost" will be my next novel. It tells the tale of Maeve, an ordinary, if very pretty girl who falls in love with a writer obsessed with Faerie Tales and ancient history. I enjoyed both the writing of the book and the numerous changes that it has gone through before publication. This was not an easy one to write as it references many other books and talks of real history and places. Normally I rely upon fantasy as I am too lazy to do the research required to write true histories, though I have written a few in my time with hopefully a few more to come. I think that many will like this one.

I will tell you more and more about this novel is the months pass until it's release. For now here is a short promo video Lol- I think that there will also be more of these and hopefully a little better. I quite like this one in an odd waybut it is a little to wordy and lacking a little punch.

More soon


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