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He, Who is Lost.

Hi to and any who follow this page. I wished to give an update on "He Who is Lost" My recent novel. It is still selling though sales are beginning to taper off a little. It has been out for a while and as someone who is not a "big name" author knows all too well. Most sales are made in the first three months (in the first year in some cases) after release of a novel. It is only if it hits the "Big Time" that sales continue for years after. Now that they are beginning to taper off I expect that the book will continue to sell but in dwindling numbers for a few years. I do not mind, though it would be nice to have a hit novel, I do not write the types of book that are likely to make it big. I have thought of aiming for a "Hit" novel and feel sure that I could produce one but Writing it may become a job at that point rather than an enjoyable diversion.

I enjoy telling my tales as they are. It may be that one day my philosophy will change, lol, or I need the money and so take that step but it is not today. Today I still hope that one of my own tales will break through in some way or another. We will see. I apologize for this rather introverted post.

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