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"Hiding from the light" 3

Sounds like a "Rocky" film but I wish to tell you of the third tale contained within "Hiding from the Light"

Hello to any or all who follow this page. I have two things to tell you of today. One a little strange, the second stranger still. The first is rather strange. "Hiding from the Light" is selling quite well, something that is rather unusual for a collection of tales. I am lucky enough that often my novels sell well but it is rare that a collection of tales follows that trend. Obviously I am pleased. I write because I enjoy writing and creating rather than to make money but it is always nice when the two go hand in hand. "Hiding from the light" came fourth in the " collection/anthology" section on Amazon, last month selling many more copies than many better known names. Thank you all.

So anyway onto my actual post.

And so onto the even stranger thing. "Something rather Unexpected" which is the next tale in "Hiding from the light" and a rather odd one for me. "Something rather Unexpected" was not strictly the next tale in the book. I missed out two, the first entitled "Palindrome" and another "Manannan Mac Lir". The first because it is very short. The second because it is only a tempter for a longer tale that I will talk of in the weeks to come. "Something rather Unexpected" is a dark comedic tale. I suspected, nay, knew, that many of the tales in this volume are so dark and bloody that some relief was required. I produced this tale for a tribute volume to "Terry Pratchett" and it was happily received and will be included in that anthology which is due out July/August of this year but since it is my tale and so I have added it here. The tale tells of the Mars rover, mapping a portion of the red planet when it happens upon a giant human sitting on a rock smoking a "roll your own" cigarette. Gothic in nature as you can tell from the volume but it is not only dramatic but darkly comedic. I have not produced a comedy for years. I think that you will like this one.

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