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Hiding from the light- again.

Second up in "Hiding from the light" is a tale simply called "Maeve". As I am sure some out there will know; the character Maeve has appeared here and there in my books over the years, initially as a (pseudo) Celtic goddess, In "She Wept Black Tears" later as a love lorn story teller in both "The Sad demise of Raymond Walker" and the excellent "He, Who is Lost". Here she is a temptress seeking to steal the soul of an errant priest who is fleeing to Ireland to escape the wrath of the church.

Although christian the church of St Fillian was outlawed in the nine hundreds by the Catholic church and many of it's followers persecuted, it's priests put to death and so many fled North hoping that in Scotland where "Somerled", Lord of the Isles, power was waxing, they could find refuge. This is the story of one such priest and the temptations that awaited him.

The story starts; For every good life a penance must be paid, a cost borne, some pay in blood or tears, others with their lives. For me, it was my soul.

I hope that everyone enjoys it.

Please note that these are Gothic tales and so can often be dark in nature and content and so are definitely not suitable for young


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