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Homer and the Highland massacre.

Homeric tales may well be considered a world and many lifetimes away from the highlands of Scotland and the MacDonald massacre at Glencoe by the Campbell's. Strangely this is not the case and original Homeric tales tell otherwise. Homer called this trust "Xenia" the gift of home and hearth. It appears in both of Homers (surviving) works albeit infrequently. The same gift was offered to the Campbell soldiers by the MacDonald's at Glencoe.

If we take you in and feed you then you are granted the gift of "Highland hospitality" (read Xenia).

Highland hospitality generally meant; if you drink with us, eat with us, sleep with us then there will be no broaching of traditions nor problems until you leave. You are one of us. Once you have gone, old enmity appears again and we may kill you.

If you take a drink, a meal, then you are with us until you leave.

"Xenia" was so similar, during the Trojan war and despite the fact that the highland massacre took place more than two thousand years later, they are the same crime.

Lol- never thought I could compare Glencoe to Troy.....

This is a true comparison.

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