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Marcus Aurelius, Red Wine, and Cold Blue Eyes.

I am very fond of a small libation; in fact, I am partaking right now. A grand Australian Shiraz Cabernet blend. Spicy and strong, Rich with a strong blackcurrant taste. Sadly, I can only have one glass as I have an interview later. But Hurrah. At some point the interview will be over and I will still have three quarters of the bottle. My wife treated me to "Blood of the Dragon"
I fancied trying it though I suspected that it was simply a marketing ploy, which it may well have been. But what a wonderful wine. I have just ordered a case.
I enjoy wine with friends but even on my own. It is the only time I disagree with Marcus Aurelius and his forthright stoic thoughts.
"How good it is when you have roast meat or suchlike foods before you, to impress on your mind that this is the dead body of a fish, this is the dead body of a bird or pig; and again, that the Falernian wine is the mere juice of grapes, and your purple edged robe simply the hair of a sheep soaked in shell-fish blood! And in sexual intercourse, it is no more than the friction of a membrane and a spurt of mucus ejected. How good these perceptions are at getting to the heart of the real thing and penetrating through it, so you can see it for what it is! This should be your practice throughout all your life: when things have such a plausible appearance, show them naked, see their shoddiness, strip away their own boastful account of themselves. Vanity is the greatest seducer of reason: when you are most convinced that your work is important, that is when you are most under its spell.”
Dinae worry, Marcus Aurelius was always a cherry fellow. But I think that he was right. We create a glamour for ourselves wherein those things that hold and ensnare us (when they are really passing trivial fancies, I'm in a thoughtful mode tonight. Remeasuring and reassessing. Perhaps I shall reach some conclusions or perhaps I shall finish the bottle of wine and fall asleep.

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