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May Yer Lum A'ways reek.

A Happy and prosperous new year to all. I wish you good days and quiet nights lol- or even dull days and exciting nights dependent upon your preference.

"May yer Lum a'ways reek" is an old Scots greeting in the vernacular of the day suggesting, when translated into understandable English may you always be warm with something to eat and drink beneath your roof.

Tradition in Scotland dictates that when visiting someone after midnight on "Hogmanay" or on new years day that you take with you a drink, something to eat and a lump of coal. The food and drink are obvious the lump of coal is to heat the house while you partake of the food and drink. Of course the days are now gone of coal fires but the old traditions often remain.

Also I think it is a good thing to reinvent yourself anew and follow these old traditions for as long as we can hold onto them.

Happy new year.

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