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Pine by Francine Toon

This is an awkward book to review. At times it is wonderful and enchanting, at others obvious and trite. Firstly the writing style; “Stream of consciousness” which mainly worked for me, I loved the fact that Ms Toon did not follow the obvious route, however, others could find it off-putting and odd. The setting suited me, a highlander myself by upbringing (not birth) the characters seemed true and close to those I experienced growing up in such a setting.

For me this was a great read, a slightly surreal horror/ghost story told by a young girl and her father about the life they have led and the past they have experienced. This tale dwells in the past but is current and true to life in so many other ways that it carried me along happily to the expected conclusion.

I would heartily recommend this novel whilst understanding that it will not be loved by all.

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