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Playing Nice by J.P. Delaney

This may not be the perfect review from me as this is not a book that I would normally read. I bought it simply because it was recommended and cheap on Amazon and I had ran out of things to read. How many TV series, films about “child swap” cases do we have to watch to know that it is heartbreaking and difficult?

There is a really cool one with Roomi Rapace that I cannot now recall the name of.

Anyway, this is a good novel, moderately well written but compelling at times. I found myself getting caught up in the tale from time to time but was I ever enraptured? No. This is well worth a read and perhaps I think less of it than I should. It was surprising at times and well planned. I would certainly recommend it for those who enjoy such tales. It was just not for me. This does not make it bad as I can imagine many enjoying this book, in a small way I did myself.

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