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Shocking Reads

I was asked to suggest those books I found shocking but to add no description or spoilers. Here are a few I produced. I am sure that many more will follow at some point or other.

Can I suggest some "shocking" reads? Quite a few. I enjoy shocking and/or disturbing novels and so have read many of them. In fact, I often seek them out. I also enjoy novels that are difficult to read (I am faulty) not because they are badly written, rather because they are challenging. Here are my recommendations.

The Watcher. Charles MacLean.

The Redemption. William Peter Blatty.

Feersum EndJinn. Iain M Banks.

Our Hideous Progeny. C.E. McGill

The Crow Girl. Erik Axel Sund.

and there are so many more I wished to mention but did not wish to overburden you. If you wish further recommendations just let me know.
I have not included descriptions or spoilers, but I found each of these a “shocking” treat.
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