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Sometimes you do not realize what you are doing until you are done.

I have only been working on the story I have called "fey" for a few days now, but it's bleeding out of me quickly. I have the whole idea of the tale and have not only outlined it but written much of it in a few days. I even thought of sending it out to a few author friends of mine to see what they thought.

They came back with a singular voice, much to my surprise. Mostly they disagree about everything.
They think this is a sequel to "Nut Brown Eyes" which I never considered it to be. Yet in a way, I suppose that it is similar, the story takes place In Ardnamurchan there is a little eroticism and somethings about the nature of life itself. "Fey" or whatever it ends up being called certainly was not meant as a sequel to "Nut Brown Eyes". It is already three times the length and the story incomplete. Yet I can see why they would think so.
But it really is a different tale completely.

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