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Starting to read.

In most cases the first books we experience are read to us by our mothers or fathers. In bed (perhaps) to lull us to sleep. The human brain is a complex mechanism (one not fully understood) and one of the reasons we may find reading so enjoyable and comfortable is that we recall that memory subliminally, the comfort, sleepiness, scents and feeling of safety. The stories intermingled with the comfort. There are few that would not wish to feel that comfort repeatedly, all whilst reading, learning, adapting.

I told stories to my kids every night that I was not away for work. 

Lol- that is (perhaps) why they still tolerate me despite my carnaptious and grumpy nature.

Comic books were part of my life

as a child. I once loved the "Marvel" and "DC" stuff as well as "Uncanny Tales", "Astounding Stories"

and all that ilk. I loved comic books and subsided on them until I started reading "real" books. But those first books were comics without pictures. "Tarzan", John Carter", Elric of Melnibone"

, Sherlock Holmes etc. Soon after with Alan Gardners books I moved on to stories without pictures.

and started growing up.

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