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Stormbird. by Conn Iggulden

Often a fan of Historical Fiction, I read Conn Iggulden at his beginning where he made a big splash with his first novel. It was deserved, in my opinion. His tales are plotted well, the characters full but not overpowering the story. I suspect that it will be a rare day that Conn Iggulden fails in his chosen, historical fiction, genre. This is certainly not the time. In fact I think he has written his best novel so far with "Storm Bird"

The characterization marvelous, the echoes of the good and bad in everyone reminiscent of David Gemmell and Micheal Moorcock. Others such as George RR Martin Joe Abercrombie have since attempted the same with some success but Mr Iggulden has both the talent and ability to make each character and scene seem real. He is to be commended. With "Stormbird" he sets the scene for "The wars of the roses" he does it with historical significance but more, he does it with an individual style that makes it a page turner.

Highly recommended by me.

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