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The age of the anti-hero.

When I was a boy, I became enamored with anti-Heroes. The first I remember reading of was "Elric of Melnibone" A shocking construct for a boy of eleven. An Albino who could only survive by killing others and stealing their souls (lol and he was the good guy) he was in (Incestuous) love with his sister. But she did not love him, rather her joy came from torture and strange sex. At one point Elric comments' "She is here, I can hear screams and sex, perhaps she is only coupling with animals this time".
Lol- jolly stuff.

Later the same author (Michael Moorcock) would pen "Gloriana" and birth the greatest anti-hero of all time. "Captain Quire" is an amoral pseudo aristocrat. Who eviscerated a would be ship wrecker on a beach in southern England just because he irritated him, and he needed something to sit on that kept his bum warm. It was a wintry night. The story of him falling in love against his best intentions and wishes is wonderful.

I like anti- heroes, perhaps you can tell, Loki, Paris, Demeter, Edwin Drood, Paha Sapa, Hades and so many others.
Lol that's what will make me sound weird, but I am perfectly normal...ish.

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