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"The Dead Girl and The Wandering Tree" will be released on the sixteenth of September this year

It will come out in various formats at the same time. It will be available on Kindle, Kobo, Nook and e-format for other digital platforms and will also be released in paperback format.

I have no idea what the reading public will think of it, but I do not mind. I like it.

I have been writing "faerie river tales", among my other stuff, ever since I was first published back in the nineties. "A River of Tears" (sadly long deleted now) brought the first of them and every so often they crept up here and there, short stories in collections, novelettes, and novellas in others with the addition of the odd novel such as "The River Girls Torment",

It seems strange to me to bring this long-term fascination to an end but with this book (and the soon to follow) novel "The Dark Kind" it will be done forever.

Happy to complete the series, sad to let it go forever.

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