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The Greatest lovers of all time, for St.Valentines day.

Before anyone makes a comment I just wished you to know that I know how strange my choice is but then I am always rather "odd".

My favourite lovers are the famed Captain Quire and Gloriana. (essentialy fantasy stylings of Elizabeth the first and Sir Walter Raleigh). From Micheal Moorcock's novel, "Gloriana: or the unfulfill'd Queen". The strangest of lovers taken to fantastical extents. But I also always enjoy Candide and Cunnegonde as I think FMA De Arouet, always the pragmatist, is as truthful in his telling as Mr Moorcock is in his. Even the once perfect decays and changes. "Candide" , no longer the optomist, begins to understand life.

I do understand that these choices will not be popular but that should come as no surprise, it is rare that I am even considered "Popular"

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