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The Isle of Skye, The Rest and Be Thankful and the Ancient Caledonian Forest.

I spent few weeks in Raasay and Skye this year. It always looks wonderful in pictures but tis' a hard place to live for a forest boy like me, raised in the old Caledonian Forest, that once spanned from Canada to Scotland but still lives here and there in the remote highlands. A few trees still occupy Skye and those there on parade, but Skye never had many and the stripping of them brought a terrible blight upon the land much as it is doing to mid Argyll now.
"The Rest and be Thankful" always a treacherous, mountain pass (hence the name) has become even more so as they harvest the trees. The tree roots are the only thing that holds the sodden dirt on the mountainside to the land. Forestry/ harvesting has resulted in landslides that block the road and offer a threat to travelers. The Scottish (SNP) government are as usual ineffectual and immune to this threat, thinking only. We will wait till hundreds die in a landslide to do something about it. Oh, and Nicola Sturgeon will apologize (again) for her party getting it wrong. As they have been doing for nearly twenty years.
Hey tis' only a few hundred more deaths on their hands. They are accustomed to it, relying solely on an independence platform to forgive so many inadequacies.

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