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The King Beyond the Gate. David Gemmell. Book review.

It is rare that I have found a novel by David Gemmell lacking. You always get an entertaining heroic fiction. I knew what to expect and that is exactly what I got. A cracking, enjoyable, read. Dotted with simple philosophy (most of which is valuable) a great story, a page turner and an excellent story teller Mr Gemmell will never be mistaken for Proust or Hesse but he writes well enough to convey everything that his story needs. In contrast to the aforementioned writers Mr Gemmell tells a far better and more absorbing story even when lacking a little of the style. If you enjoy the the heroic fiction genre as fans of George RR Martin, Joe, Abercrombie, Conn Iggulden often do (in their millions) then this is a novel for you. You will not be disappointed. Another excellent novel by a great story teller.

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