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The Long Mars. By Terry Pratchett and Stephen Baxter.

We have Terry Pratchett, long the doyen of fantastical and comedic writing coupled here (for the third outing) with Stephen Baxter; an excellent writer of speculative and science fiction to produce “The Long Mars”.

Generally you get what you should expect from a conglomeration of those two. The book is clever, well written, amusing, perturbing and surprising. The interplay between two very capable writers (I can only imagine how that worked) is wondrous and the end result is a very enjoyable read.

I suspect that Mr Baxter bore the brunt of the writing and that Terry just added his little magic here and there (an assumption on my part- who can know apart from Stephen) but it really does not matter as what transpired for this fusion is a great book.

It is easy to read, entertaining, lightly humorous and thoroughly fascinating. How would you react to “The Long Earth” or “The Long Mars?

If you know please tell me as I vacillate between becoming a long earth trader and hiding in a cupboard at home in the datum.

No matter. Another great novel.

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