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The truth about pensions today.

This is a dodgy one, A older lady complains about her pension and I agree, yet at the same time know that I am wrong to agree. No one knew what the world could become (apart from maybe David Brin, and Issac Asimov) in the years when the pension rules that I am rapidly approaching were invented. No one expected so many octogenarians, never mind the many now that reach a century. We were paying into a pension that thought men would live to 68 and women to 71. No one knew that medicine would advance at a faster pace than society.

That the global economy would slow due to many things (climate change a major one) and so like the environment we elders are left with a choice. Do we wish to take it all, (the lives of our children and grandchildren) or do we wish to have it all for ourselves condemning them to eternal sorrow.

When we started paying into our pensions we knew nothing about global warming, rising Co2 levels, we just assumed that we would be taken care of in our old age. Times change, Dramas become better both on television and in real life.

Those that are gaining their pensions at the moment are the lucky ones. In ten years time the pension age will be 74.

I am not a prophet nor a fortune teller but I am right.

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