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There is no light in the darkness.

From these caves, you can see no light. There is nothing but darkness ahead. It has been a while now since I enjoyed life. From these caverns and depths (lol- was going to to say Stygian- and that would be so obvious-perhaps there is hope for me) there is little to return to.

I cannot remember ever having enjoyed life but have found things and people along the way who make it bearable. Now my mood grows lower by the day. I have not written anything of worth in months now. It is highly unlikely that I ever will again. I know that I have been promising new tales, new ideas, new stories and a new novel for a while now but I have progressed nothing, despite my good intentions. I am unlikely to produce something of worth again.

Hopefully that will change but I doubt it. In the meantime I will try and post regular reviews of the books I read. I have read some crackers recently.

Hiding from the light

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