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Wakenhyrst by Michelle Paver

Wakenhyrst is the tale of a young girls fractured upbringing in the early twentieth century. A loving mother who has little time, an uncaring father to whom she seems nothing more than an accessory. I will tell little of the tale, it is easy to find and to read excerpts rather I will tell you what I thought of it.

This is something different from the advertising literature, this is not really a ghostly tale nor is it a traditional horror tale in any sense that you would imagine, rather it is a coming of age story about a dislocated girl being brought up by a dysfunctional family.

Now that I have shone a light through the mythology of advertising for this novel we are left instead with a very readable novel, well worked and well written. It is a Gothic tale in essence but it is much more, exploring the girls thoughts and feelings through her teenage years.

For me this is a great novel in all the ways I recognize; easily read, even if you have to consult a dictionary once in a while (some words were new to me) true to its time and age. The characters complex at times (but who was not complex as a teen) but relatable and easily likable or hate-able depending upon whom we are talking of.

I really enjoyed this. When Ms Paver takes time to write a book for Adults she seems to have a knack for it. I look forward to reading her next. I will remember "Wakenhyrst" fondly. Buy It.

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