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Winters Ghost

Hello and welcome, anyone that is reading this". "Winters Ghost" was my thirteenth Novel (I considered that appropriate, due to the subject matter) and rather different from those that have gone before. It is neither my first ghost story nor my first romance novel but it is the first that combines both genres, Except in the most general of ways.

Firstly, the book is set in the small Scot's border town of Wigton which is rather unusual for me as my books are most often set in "Kilmartin" or in the village of "Peninver" which lies near Campbeltown on the "Mull of Kintyre" Scotland.

Secondly, This tale is largely based upon true events, sure there is a little "poetic licence" but otherwise these things mainly happened. I will leave you to work out what may be true and what is complete fabrication.

In almost all cases my works are fiction and nothing else (lol- please if you know me, ignore the couple of factual books I have written as they have sold so few copies that I remain anonymous in that field) I enjoy writing fiction and my next few books will also be fictional. This is a sad tale, though it has lighter moments but only as you would expect from a ghostly tale. I thought to post a little about it here as it is not that old and still selling rather well. I hope that you have enjoyed finding out a little about it.

I stared awestruck and humbled by the Kraken before me that consumed the long shingle beach with a carnivores veracity, with patches of golden sand and small rocks that tumbled and fell with each passing movement of the giants teeth, devouring the beach with every surge of its hide and teeth, pulling rocks back into its hungry maw, shells, small fish, crabs and all manner of sea creatures scrabbling to pull themselves away from this all-consuming monster that has no thought or sense but devours all that lies in its way with no cunning, no mind, yet with a strange kind of avarice, wishing all to be part of it, To be consumed by it. In this way a man's doom was sealed and he faced his fate with acceptance, hopefulness and even with a thought of deliverance. The man will meet his own daemons, his own fears and will either be drawn into

or rise above them.

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