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Wondering Aloud.

"The Dead Girl and the Wandering Tree" is now complete and will be my next novel though I still do not have a "real" release date. "The Dark Kind" is also nearing completion and I have been wondering wither I should delay the book's release and just produce one massive novel rather than the two volumes originally conceived. "The Dead Girl" will be around three hundred pages on its own, when formatting is complete. "The Dark Kind" is probably going to be shorter at around 260 pages. I have asked a few people for their opinion already and the vote is split. A huge volume in paperback is unwieldy and the spine liable to split.

Additionally, there comes the problem with pricing. Very few, I suspect, would be willing to pay around £25.00 for a paperback (lol- I am one of them) whereas most people are happy to pay in the £10 to £15 GBP price bracket.

I am unsure of what the best options are. If you have any ideas, please just e-mail me,

and let me know your thoughts.

Thanks, In advance.


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