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Writers Block

I can normally write anything and lots of it. I considered writers block a crock of sh*t, if you can write you can always write. Normally before finishing a book I have the ideas for a dozen others. No such thing as writers block. Then three quarters of the way through a four hundred and fifty page novel a perfect storm occurred. My PC died. (I was not worried, it was an old PC and I had been thinking of buying a new one) The hard drive with it. (still not worried) I had backed up the novel to both a pen drive and a hard disk drive. The pen drive faulty I proceeded to my trusty hard disk to find the file corrupt. Eight months work, good work; I like to think, down the drain.

That is when I had writers block but to be honest think that it was pure despondency. I published one short story in three years. Eventually I forced myself to rewrite the book. The premise was good, the execution flawed. Yet If I had not forced myself to continue (despite hating the result) I would have ceased writing completely. Despondency, for me, is " writers Block"

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