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He who is Lost.

He who is Lost.

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Maeve finds herself falling in love with the handsome, if dishevelled writer, Rob, who eats regularly in the pub where she works where he discusses history, patriotism and politics with the other locals. Invited out to his home, an old cottage in the middle of Kilmartin Glen, an area peppered with standing stones, crypts, burial mounds and beset with mist and rain. She finds Rob charming but different to all the men she has known before. He believes in Faerie Tales, magic and has lied to her more than once, but he is captivating and everything that she would wish for if you ignore his oddities. The rain keeps falling, winter comes closer, the mist draws near and Maeve has to stay in the light or will be lost forever. Spellbinding. Adroit, clever and captivating, this new dark romance by Raymond Walker author of "The Kilmartin" novels, "Moonchild and other Tales" and "Nut Brown Eyes" captures everyone who wishes for a true love that they cannot have.... Or can they?

A great romance has history and heart combined with love and lust, this has all these ingredients. "Moonchild" was fascinating. It remains one of my favorite books and so I presumed it would not be surpassed. This is neither a bodice ripper nor a saucy book, if you are seeking titillation then this is not for you. If, instead you wish to read a romance of a very different sort, one unlike any others you have read, a true tale of love and loss, then this is for you. I adored it. Milla McCann, Author of "Plenty" and "A Very Different Love"

Few writers could have created this book and made it as enjoyable as it is, this is a true success, different from anything out there in this genre and dare I say, better. Well written yet quirky and different. This shines out to me as the romance of the age. Melvyn Bragg Author of "Credo" and "The Soldiers Return"

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