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Nestled in a quiet glen on the west coast of Scotland lies the ancient village of Kilmartin. Surrounded by groups of standing stones, Crypts, ruined Hill forts and duns it lies deep in the primeval Caledonian forest. There are things stirring in the quiet places that surround the village, ancient beings are coming to life, drawn from their moldering crypts by the promise of life, old love stories are being re-enacted and old, dark gods are waking, opening their pale scarred eyes to gaze down upon the village and its denizens. Kilmartin; beauty, history, betrayal, horror, love, romance and that is not all that you will read of here as there is more. There is Fantasy, ecology, ghosts, eternal love and many other things are themes in this trilogy of novels from Raymond walker. Raymond Walker is the award winning author of "Nut Brown Eyes", "The Miscast Fate" and "A Shiver"

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