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Mini Sagas, Micro Fiction

Mini Sagas, Micro Fiction

I have, for a few years now intended to produce a collection of “Flash Fiction” or “Mini Sagas” as I prefer to call these noticeably short tales.
The world is changing and I, like many others, must adapt. Shorter tales, those you can read whilst waiting in the doctor’s surgery, the hairdressers, in the queue at Tesco have become important, noticeable and I, like any other writer, wish my tales to be read. This collection is aimed at those in the internet age that have little time, but still enjoy fiction, wonderful tales thoughtful but short. Horror, fantasy, and myth fill these pages with drama and pathos.
Each of these tales can be read in five minutes or less but still exude darkness, myth and have a hint of the classic faerie Tale. I hope that you enjoy them.
"Short but Sharp" Bob Mayer, The Independant "Clipped and curiously complete" Marsha Lock, Peoples Own
"The Future of "Fiction" Shane Welsh, Science monthly

  • Mini Sagas, Micro Fiction

    A collection of short tales easlily read in five minutes or less.

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