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Moonchild and other Tales

Moonchild and other Tales

A young girl, abandoned in the ancient Caledonian forest seeks refuge in the arms of a hill walker, or so it seems to the casual observer. A River Sprite seeks solace in the arms of a human, as her world is disappearing. A moon-child creeps from her Holt beneath an ancient tree, scenting the night air, and is enveloped in the world of humans. The man who fell in love with death, who no longer wishes to live but cannot die tells his tale. Goats that debate in shady glens at night discuss revolution, Wolves that are men and men who are wolves wonder of their purpose in life. True love remains eternal in the worthiest of sad tales. These new Faerie and folk tales of Scotland, from the pen of Raymond Walker, Author of “A River of Tears” and “The Secret Inside” embody the living soul of Scots folk and faerie tales. Enchanting, beautiful, haunting and timeless. Never have I read of such beauty as I have here. The innocence reverberates in every tale. Beautiful. Robert Anderson. Author of "Elizabeth"

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