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Nut Brown Eyes.

Nut Brown Eyes.

SKU: 364215376135191

A wondrous tale of the dark woods of Scotland. A holiday trip gone wrong, a perfect holiday ripped apart by nature. A young girl left alone in the depths of the forest is found by a Hiker that cares. He resolves to look after her and to get her to the Hospital that she needs to attend. He will do anything to get her there and see that she is alright. They are a long way from salvation and the medicine that home promises. They are in the dark woods of Northern Argyll where only, woodsmen, nature buffs and walkers exist. There are no roads, no cars, few tractors other than those working the land. There is only Rob, the man that loves walking in the forests, and the poor girl that he has found wrapped in the brambles of an abandoned building. Hurt, Abused, perhaps raped, Rob makes it his mission to save her but they are out in the wilds of Scotland. They are a long way from help, a long way from salvation. Rob is going to save her. Rob is going to save her no matter what it takes.


    An award winning book. A fearie ale of sorts. Not suitable for children. 


    I am sorry to say that I have no refund policy. If you do not enjoy the book then perhaps you can pass it on to one who will. If not, the recycling bin becons. If, however, the book/s is damaged in some way or unreadable please mail me on and I will send you a new copy at no cost to you.


    I ship at cost, to you, no matter where you are. Shipping from the UK to Europe is relatively cheap at the moment postage for each book costing around £2.50. To the US around £3.50. Outside of those please ask and I will check it out before I accept payment. Again please e-mail me at if you have any worries. 

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