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Over the Tears of the Fallen

Over the Tears of the Fallen

Under the Atlantic ocean a presence stirs, an old god revitalized returns to a semblance of life, it grows, takes form and seeks to be worshiped once again. Three friends, unknowingly in cahoots with other old sea gods and provided with an army of dead fishermen try to thwart this possible domination of the seas. The three friends, set out to destroy this old god and send it back to the depths from where it came but they have a traitor in their midst, a collaborator and the army of old dead fishermen may not be all they wish them to be.


Bloody, brutal and beguiling this will blow your mind. Horror and fantasy monthy.

Dark, dangerous, clever and funny all in one go. I loved the idea and the excecution, cant wait for the second installment. Mark Trewellian authour of Night Fears and Monstrous.

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