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The Dead Girl and The Wandering Tree

The Dead Girl and The Wandering Tree

The dead girl was not always dead, once she lived and played like other girls, like her sister, until one day the river took her. Near the river lies the Wandering Tree, beneath its branches children play, animals' hide, and insects gather. An old tree harbor's many secrets and life is only one of them.
A broken man lives near the Wandering Tree, a man who has lost a wife and later a daughter. The river gives life to the tree and all surrounding it, the broken man, the dead girl, and the creatures, human, animal, and elemental, who rely upon its bounty. Not all is right with the river, the Wandering Tree and the lands surrounding it. An insidious cancer grows, takes root, and spreads, infecting all those who live around and in the river. The dead girl, the broken man, the sad Moonchild and all the creatures who live by the river must find the root of this blight and destroy it before it consumes them.
Imagine a faerie tale by a master storyteller, romance, suspense, horror, and fantasy crafted perfectly. I cannot get enough of this. Robert Anderson author of Elizabeth
Truth, wonder and an overriding innocence that glamours, dark, beautiful, and mysterious, I was enchanted.
Carrie Lewis author of Infidelity
Wondrous. The Scotsman. Spellbinding. The Glasgow Herald. Bittersweet; a must read. The Metro

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