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The Miscast fate

The Miscast fate

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It was always Todd's fate to be ridiculed after all he had never amounted to much, a failed scientist who was thought to be a flake by his peers. All because he had some strange ideas and was not afraid to share them. An astrophysicist that was interested in astronomy was one thing but one interested in astrology was something very different indeed. Todd has fallen desperately in love with the equally smart and rather exotic Jasmine who lives a world away and would do anything to be with her even if it means changing the nature of science. This romantic drama from the pen of Raymond Walker, the acclaimed author of "The Secret Inside" and "Twisted Sisters" brings together a beautiful and fascinating love story intertwined With a fast moving science drama as Todd races to save the love of his life from her fate and he will see it done even if he has to change the universe to achieve it.

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