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The Secret Inside

The Secret Inside

Everyone has "A Secret Inside", a place where no one goes, always hidden from others buried deep in the dungeons of thier soul.
A perversion that they will not admit to, a longing to take someones life.
A lust that lies unfulfilled, a wish to dominate, A desire to humilate and maim.
Sometimes these thoughts haunt thier dreams, sometimes thier waking hours. It comes crawling up from the darkest depths of thier being, rising from its lair to hurt and damage destroy and maim. 
A new life together and a fresh start welcome Mae and Rob to thier new home in Argyll. In the Heartland of historical Scotland they settle in to enjoy the happy home that they have always wanted. But there is something unusual about thier new home and whilst Rob seeks answers to the puzzles surrounding them Mae looks to secure her sanity and make this the dream home that she has always wished for. Robs tantrums, educated Rats, deluded Nurses, stuffed birds and ancient gods that want to live again stand in her way but Mae will have her Idylic home no matter who or what she has to kill to get it.

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