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The Shed

The Shed

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Rob loves his wife, even when irritable. Trying to give up smoking after a cancer scare is sensible. Trying to help his wife lose her addiction he decides to smoke only outside or in his garden shed. Such a good husband but what else was he doing out in the shed as he was having a cigarette? What was he doing during those ten minutes he disappeared for? What was he doing whilst she was still at work? She was just trying to stop smoking as every one should. He was busy summoning daemons. 
Despite his clumsy attempts at sorcery something has broken through the veil that separates this world from the next and it needs to feed.

This classic novella from the pen of Raymond Walker and reminiscent of the tales of Lovecraft, Elliot and James is printed here in its original form for the first time.

A small demon, in a small shed, no one other than Raymond Walker could write such a thing, make it real and entertain you, even frighten you. One of the best Novellas I have ever read. Todd Brigstaff. The Independant.

Imagination unfurled and set free to snap in a cold northerly wind. The smallest of evils, the smallest of demons and the best of stories. 

Mais Pernachal. Psychologies.


Gremlins meets Hellraiser. Barry Wilde. Hellfire

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