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Twisted Sisters

Twisted Sisters

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Lisa is beautiful, cool and self assured, she has a good job and the world at her feet yet for some reason she chooses Rob to be her lover. Rob is an everyday family guy recently divorced, nothing to look at and in a stressful job but doing his best to make ends meet. When he meets Lisa he is just enthralled. But why would Lisa be interested in him? He feels flattered and thinks that there really is a connection between them perhaps even love. Little does he know what Lisa really wants. 
This romance is played out closely and in personal terms. It is beautiful at times and horrible at others. It is funny and sad, playful and intimate, sexy and funny and ultimately tragic as all falls apart while other things fall together.

I really enjoyed this wonderful tale. It is an engaging 
tale of a bittersweet love, passion and pain. The 
romance takes the reader through a wide range of 
emotions whilst providing depth to the characters 
personalities. It is. in a way, a psychological 
incursion on the nature of a love used and abused 
by a selfish and heartless person. 
Excellent book. Wish I could find ones like 
this more often.
Mari Ponton.

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