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"A Winter Haunting" by Dan Simmons - a review.

I want to make clear from the start that I am a fan of Dan Simmons works and this alters my view of them. Recently when searching for new books to read I came across this novel that I had not read, having lapped up many of his books in the past. I approached the book with hope. I can describe it no other way. Mr Simmons writes in many genres and has produced some of the best books I have ever read but also some that have been rather dull and lacklustre and so I approached this book in the hope that it would be of the former variety.

Alas this was not to be. As always the book is well written though the pace varies from downright dull to action sequences that whilst enjoyable bear little relation to the story.

I suspect (without knowing) that some of the pieces are based on his own life and have personal meaning to the author but that does not come across well to the reader. I found the tale itself rather lacking, though i enjoyed some parts of it. Overall not his best work.

As a pean however, please do not now consider "Dan Simmons" works to be of little worth, as the opposite is true. He is a great writer, capable of producing many great works this is simply not one of them.

Do look out for Mr Simmons books, "Drood", "The Terror", "Hyperion", "Endymion" and many more are excellent.

Just do not choose "A Winter Haunting"

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