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"Circe" By Madeline Miller, a review.

In a way I was destined to read "Circe" I heard about the book, already knowing who "Circe" was but not knowing if the book was about the witch from Greek mythology or another Circe completely. As soon as I knew that it was "Circe" the witch I had to read it. A book that, in a way, was written for me. I enjoy all types of books in a variety of genres but since a child invariably, I have always returned to the classics, add to that my interest in the arcane, Witchcraft, magic and add again my facination for the sea and you have someone that should really read this book. As Much as I was looking forward to reading "Circe" I suffered from trepidation, would the tale be told differently, would the writing be terrible and put me off or would Ms Miller mishandle the tale?

I need not have worried.

Ms Miller handled a great tale with care and compassion, making Circe not only believeable but understandable and almost compassionate. Remember this is the witch that turned the Greeks into pigs, created monsters, and whose wrath slew Odysseus, Favoured of the gods.

I found this an excellent retelling of one of the oldest tales, produced with care and seeing thing's from"Circe's point of view". One of the oldest of tales, Ms Miller has breathed new life into it, told it from a different point of view and told it well. I would heartily recommend this to everyone. A great piece of work in my opinion.

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