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The difference between truth and knowledge.

I am discovering that intelligent, well-spoken individuals don't identify with the imperative to verify facts and sources. I am frightened. No longer for the future, but for the present.

There is a great deal of truth in what you say Daria. Callisthenes started it. Once upon a time, the erosion of truth and it has grown ever greater. It is rare that you can trust online sources now, Wikipedia a disjointed,eviscerated pulp of what it once was. Fake news. But what worries me most is that people do not realise that with every new discovery "Facts" degrade. What we knew as fact only a few years go is now no longer fact. I suspect that everything I know and believe will be caught up in a combine harvester and churned out in a neat block of approximate mulch which combines truth and lies in equal volumes.Each Indiscernible from the other.


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