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Completing a first novel.

I read an article earlier today "telling" people how ro create thier first novel. This article did not recommend a way to do this nor did it suggest, Generally it stated that if you do not go about writing your novel in the way I prescribe then you will fail. The method they described was good and many authors follow a similar formula when writin and so I was not going to take issue with thier methodology but rather the instance that this was the only way to go.

It really does not matter how you go about writing your book, all that really matters is what you end up with.

Even the best writers write bad books, Sometimes terrible writers write great books. I have written a number of books over the years that have failed to impress as have many writers that are my betters.

Anyway,I am including here my respose to the article, to amke clear my thoughts on the subject.

My reply Follows;

Firstly, I enjoyed the article, Thank you,

I do not mean to disparage it in any way whatsoever, as I think your method is a good way to go when looking to complete your first novel. I just wished to say that it is “A” way to complete a novel but it is certainly not the only way. I am a writer myself with a number of published novels behind me but more importantly I also edit and run a couple of magazines and so I am in touch with both new and established writers on a regular basis. Some of those writers have followed a regime the same as, or similar to the the one you prescribe. So It does work. Others, however, have followed different routes and still succeeded. I know some that start at the end and work backwards (sounds far too complicated to me) Others that just start with a series of things that they wish to happen and work from there, others build the tale around the characters with no thought to where it is going. So whilst I believe your method to be a good one I just wished to say to other writers out there, this is a good method but not the only one. Really whatever gets you there works for me.

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