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Dracula and Frankenstein, what's next?

If you enjoy gothic literature I would, having read, the noted novels (Dracula and Frankenstein) look at the works of M.R. James, Jonathan Aycliffe, Susan Hill, William Peter Blatty, take a chance with “Wuthering Heights” (Emilie Bronte) and “Rebecca” (Daphne du Maurier) I found both enchanting. And look at all the works that echo these original thoughts these days.
The Book Eaters, My Bloody Project, The Dread Damnable and Macabre, Circe, Mr. Mercedes, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, A picture of Dorian Gray, Clytemnestra and I could populate this idea with so many tales that you may be astonished. I thought however that it was best to leave it there.

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