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Easy to read detective tale.

The Crossing. Matt Brolly.

A special offer from Amazon, a cheap book, 99p for kindle with pretty good reviews. I thought to give it a chance. I am not a big “detective fiction” fan as so many are but I am happy to pass the time reading “crime tales” if I have nothing better to read.

Mr Brolly tells his tale well; it is well put together and lacks nothing that should make it a hit in this genre. The writing is clean and straightforward, (Learned rather than natural, in my opinion- few quirks) easy to read and the story is both well plotted and told in my opinion. Is this something new and different… No. Is this a well told crime story… In my opinion. Yes. The characters are believable with a certain depth to them. The story is a page turner and rather readable. I liked this and would recommend it. Will it be the next classic crime thriller? Sadly, No.

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