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Hiding from the Light

For many years now I have been producing Compendiums, collections, conglomerations of short tales. Now and again I release them simply because I wish to, I think that they are good and hope that others will enjoy reading them. Every once in a while I release a compendium of tales that have already seen success, "Moonchild and other Tales" was one such. "Hiding from the Light" is from the same stable, each of these tales have already been published in magazines, literary Journals or Anthologies, gathered together and published this time under the authors own name.

The Tales contained in "Hiding from the Light" have all been published before in such wondrous magazines as; Interzone, The Spectator, Psychologies, Iron Bound and Phlegast or have been included in anthologies such as "Old Gods", "The Mercy of the Moon" and "We all played the game", they are tried and tested and I am happy to present you with "Hiding from the Light"

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