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Scottish Independence

I am proud to be Scots but the SNP are becoming a real embarassment. I have always been one of the people who whilst they did not agree with many SNP policies have been an advocate of Alex Salmond as first minister. He is one of the few political heavyweights that the Scots people still have in thier corner yet even he is tripping over his own untied shoelaces. There have been too many misscalculations, too many backtracks, too many errors over the course of a campaign that has barely begun. I know that many of the younger people still want to take a chance with independence but the older heads amounst us are beginning to find it more and more foolish.

The SNP had thier short chance to convince us (those that lay just beyond thier line but may have been tipped into voting for independance) that they were right, instead they have just confirmed our many worries and fears. They are not ready for government.

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