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Sleeping on a boat.

This seems like a clever idea. Living on a riverboat is romantic and rather cool. Have you ever lived on a boat in the winter? I have. Holiday from Uni I got a job at Crinan Boatyard. On the Canal in mid Argyll Scotland.
So cool. Living on a river cruiser and only seventeen. Sure, it was a little cramped, but I was used to sharing a room with two other guys, whilst at college so it felt like heaven to me. A place of my own. A great draw for the girls. Would you like to come back to my riverboat for cocktails? (I never had anything other than beer or Jack Daniels) A wonderful summer.
Then the winter break from Uni arrived and I went to work there again. The water is very cold, drawing in from the North Atlantic. Fall in it and hypothermia takes you in minutes. The chill spread throughout the boat constantly. It was never warm. No matter what your cover's tog rating. No girls for me that Christmas they fled before hypothermia ensued.

Looks wonderful. Bloody freezing.
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