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We are NOT destroying the Planet.

This may seem a weird comment to make In this day and age but we are not destroying this planet, rather we are forging ahead to a point where mankind will not be able to live on this world. The planet will get by, the species will change and adapt or they will not. If they do not then new species will adapt. 252 million years ago most species died out after a cataclysmic climate change. Biologists estimate that in the dark ages there were more species alive than at any other time in history. So life (after the cataclysmic event) flourished. It took time, sure, and after mankind it will take time but the earth will lie fallow and the species will recover, die out or adapt. It is, as it always was, as it always will be.

Mankind are the broken spoke in the wheel this time. We either need to fix ourselves or vanish. Cataclysmic events have happened here and there throughout the worlds history. Asteroids, Meteorites, Ice ages, rising seas, seismic events; some far more devastating than the one mentioned. Indeed one wiped out 99.7 percent of the species record but the earth changed adapted and made itself whole again.

I often wonder at our hubris, "we are destroying the planet"? We could not if we tried. We are simply making it more difficult for us and other species to survive upon it. Take humankind from the equation and then nature rights self.

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