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The full Regalia.

Of course most of my tales are based in Scotland simply because I have lived most of my life in Scotland and so it is a place that I feel comfortable writing about. Fiction is, in most cases, fact, once removed. Even though I often write fantasy and horror tales, much of what you are reading is based in the real world of today. Once Removed. Many of the characters you read about are based on real people (once removed) the locations are mostly real and the events, believe it or not, are mostly based upon real life coupled with my rather fertile imagination. Unlike fantasy luminaries like Tolkien or Moorcock I chose to base my fantasy tales in a land that already existed, similar to Julian May, with a few millennia of a difference. I opted for a different stance. I do not think that was laziness as I quite enjoy world building. Rather, I think that our world is mysterious enough. Anyone that has read folk tales and legends will know that to be true. There is little need to create another world when our own is barely understood and discovered. In The meantime I leave you with proof. I do wear a kilt occasionally.

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