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"The Lost and Lonely War"

I am on to update anyone who follows the news on "And The Sea Shall Give up it's Dead" with information on the book release dates etc. I had already mentioned that volume two in the series "The Lost and Lonely war" will be out in September of this year. I am sorry to say that It will not now be relesed on that date but a later one that has still to be determined. This is not my choice but rather has been determined by others.

I do, however, understand the reasoning here. My more recent book "He who is Lost" is selling well and understanably, it is important for me to sell books. Unlike Stephen King and those of his ilk there is no certainty that my books will sell and so, whilst I am on the crest of a wave, I need to produce another book in a similar genre to try and keep the sales running. Luckily I was already on that road and the new book should be complete by the autumn. Sadly this means that "The Lost and Lonely War will most likely be released in spring of next year. I will let anyone who is interested know more as soon as I do.

Thanks for Reading this.

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