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The Mist. Ragnar Johnasson.

I picked up this novel as a "fill-in" read whilst awaiting my preferred book to be delivered. "The Mist" was on special offer and I thought to myself, after reading the reviews, that this would do. Something to fill in the time. I picked it up early in the morning, the day after it arrived and on my way to work opened to the first page. I never noticed my journey passing, the stations left in my wake as the train thundered by. I slipped a few times as I walked up the hill to work, on the ice, still reading. The work day interminable, never ending until I once again lifted the novel and made my way home. Five thirty in the morning I found out all that had happened. The only times I had put the book down was for work, to eat and go to the toilet.

Sometimes we call a book a page turner; this is the real thing.

The very first book I have read by Ragnar Jonasson, certainly not the last. Fantastic.

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